I aim to provide cost effective photographic services to designers.


$85/hr with a 2 hr minimum

If you have multiple sites that you want photographed, I won't charge you for travel time if they are in the same area - just the picture taking part.

My experience has been that a designer typically only wants selected areas of a home photographed, so most of the time, my 2 hr minimum will easily cover the work at one site. Just call me to discuss if you have any questions.

And what do you get from me?

I will provide electronic proofs via the web and image files on a CD that will be suitable for printing for a portfolio and can provide compressed images for your website so that your pages load quickly. If you want me to provide printed copies of any of the images, I can give you a quote for that when I know the size that you require.

So give me a call; let's show off what you have created.

John Graham
Cell 704 277-5916
email at (I really do)