living room

Hi - You're probably here to see if indeed, I do take great pictures - If so, then head on over to the Gallery and judge for yourself. Or check the Houzz link at the bottom of this page.

Interior photography is special. In most cases there are multiple sources of light of different intensities. This can make obtaining an image for your business a challenge with a point and shoot camera or your cellphone. I can bring the expertise and equipment to make the picture of your room look as good on paper or the web as it does in real life.

Your business card tells who you are and how to contact you. Pictures of your work in your portfolio and on your website show prospective clients the caliber of your work.

You did a great job in 'that room'. Don't you want its picture to look just as good?

I can help you by taking pictures of your work to add to your website and portfolio. Look over my gallery pictures to see the quality of work that I can provide. Give me a call when you're ready.

Thanks for taking a look.

John Graham
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